CGB Fellowship and Stipend Fund

$10.00 - $500.00

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Please join me to help support our creators.

100% of funds raised through this link will be given *directly* to beadwork artists on our team and worldwide.

Thanks to a generous donation of materials from the John Bead corporation, I have beads to share, and I have a part-time income myself from our science team.

For most artists, though, classes, shows and exhibitions have evaporated, and those who had second jobs in restaurants, bars, theaters, or galleries have seen those worlds disappear as well. In addition to financial insecurity, the sadness of our collective losses can bring depression as well.

Giving people a bit of relief and recognition can help with mental health as well as practical problems - and we promise to make each stipend sent a joyful thing, a bit of money, a box of beads, and a message of love and support.

When our new books can be published, we intend to use that income to provide stipends into the future as well so we can continue to give back to those who have given so much to our knowledge base, and also to put forward the many talented young people with fresh, hot ideas.

As of 2020, the UnLAB (the parent non-profit corporation we formed to hold CGB and our science teams) is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) corporation, and if your donation is given with no expectation of services or goods received and your tax circumstances permit the deduction, your contribution is fully tax-deductible in the USA. Please ask if you need an official donation receipt letter.

Thank you for your support at any level! If you wish to contribute an amount different from those below, just add more than one "item" to your cart.

As with any non-profit corporation in the US, a full accounting of all of our giving will be auditable at each year-end. Direct donations in any amount can be made via PayPal or credit card via this link: